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Best time management apps for MBA student

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 13-Sep-2017 10:00:00

If you’re thinking about taking an MBA, you’re probably worried about choosing where to take it, submitting your application on time, getting the right supporting documents from previous higher education institutions and from referees, etc. It’s all really important, but you mustn’t lose sight of what you’re signing up for. An MBA is a major investment financially, as well as emotionally. You’ll be asked to form groups with people you barely know within days of the beginning of lectures; to process huge amounts of theoretical information; to develop practical, soft skills; and to manage your personal life in the meantime.

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Do MBA Rankings really matter?

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 05-Sep-2017 21:00:00

Education professionals must deal with ranking-related questions and doubts all the time. Millennials’ parents, unlike their own parents, tend to be significantly involved in their children’s choices – and put a lot of faith in rankings. Applicants also look at rankings, sometimes going through dozens of different MBA rankings.

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MBA Applications: Top tips to write a fantastic essay

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 29-Aug-2017 09:30:00

Writing an essay is in many ways similar to writing any other text: you’ll have to compete for the reader’s attention against normal day-to-day interruptions (a phone that rings, a colleague in need of assistance, etc.) and against the reader’s own boredom or worries. No matter how much time you’ve put into it, bearing in mind the life span your essay will have once it leaves your hands and becomes part of one application file among many others, will help you structure and elaborate it in a way that ensures it will be read attentively and, even more important, become memorable.

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Nailing the MBA Admissions Interview

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 24-Aug-2017 11:00:00

Face-to-face interviews are often the final stage of an MBA admission process. That fact alone is enough to unsettle most applicants. So you ask your acquaintances for advice and they’ll usually say something along the lines of “Just be yourself”. This blog post will explain why that’s the wrong approach. A successful admissions interview relies on the applicants’ ability to present to interviewers the best version of himself / herself, and that requires research, practice and interview etiquette.

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Understanding MBA Rankings and choosing a Business School

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 19-Aug-2017 19:00:00

Rankings are an indispensable tool in the process of choosing your MBA. They are just one of the resources you should use in your decision-making process, as we wrote about in previous blogposts. Look at rankings as means to obtain information about the schools you’re considering and compare them.

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Best GMAT Preparation Courses

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 16-Aug-2017 09:15:00

With average GMAT scores for MBA applicants going steadily up, you’ll need to prepare well for the test. While it doesn’t measure your intelligence, and not even your future success as a business manager, the GMAT is one of the most important documents in your application file. Indeed, many business schools attribute merit-based scholarships to applicants with the highest GMAT scores.

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10 Tips on MBA Admissions Interviews and Essays

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 09-Aug-2017 10:00:00


Effective communication, in writing as in person, relies on a balanced usage of the teachings of the ancient art of rhetoric and the relatively new science of neurolinguistics. If you comply with the 10 tips below, your chances of being admitted into a top-ranked MBA increase significantly.

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MBA entry requirements

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 03-Aug-2017 10:00:00

If you are thinking about applying for an MBA, the first thing you have to check is application deadlines and admission requirements. You’ll need to submit several documents, so make sure you have enough time to gather and prepare them.

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Are you a late applicant for an MBA?

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 13-Jul-2017 08:45:00

Don’t despair: just present a flawless application. There are many valid reasons for someone to apply late for an MBA. Maybe there’ve been changes in your workplace that made you reconsider promotion prospects; maybe you’ve finally found that investor to finance the business venture you’ve been planning for so long.

Whatever the reason, many institutions now have “fast track” application processes to ensure that late applicants are still considered for their programs. Regardless, it’s always worth to try and get in a top MBA program – even if you’re a late applicant. To help you along that path, this blogpost addresses the must-dos for the early stages of a successful late application.

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What should you ask before you choose your MBA?

Posted by The Lisbon MBA on 05-Jul-2017 10:30:00

Taking an MBA is a major decision. Choosing the right MBA for you is sometimes even harder. There are many factors to consider when choosing a business school and an executive program. When you begin narrowing down your research, however, you mustn’t do it alone. Scheduling a meeting with professional counselors from your favorite program can help you dispel anxieties and gather useful information.

So, what should you ask them?

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